One of the top resilient finishes that you can put on a garage is an epoxy coating. An epoxy garage floor renovates your ugly, dull cement into an expert looking floor of functionality and attractiveness.

Since the garage is quickly becoming more than the place for your vehicle, the advantages of this type of flooring have swiftly made it one of the best choices for today’s garage floors.

Based on which application you pick, you can choose from an assortment of solid hues and colors. You can even custom blend color flakes to match your favorite sports team. 


Epoxy Garage Floor DefinedHarrisburg Epoxy Flooring Why Epoxy Is Perfect For A Garage Floor

An epoxy garage floor coating isn’t paint. Garage floor paint consists of latex acrylic. Some paints have a tiny amount of epoxy to make them more robust than standard paint. Still, it is paint. These are known as epoxy paints. Having an epoxy floor saves you time and money in the long run.


Advantages of A Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Besides looking amazing, the hardened application that you get from epoxy makes a durable coating. This coating is resistant to chipping, stains, and abrasions. You don’t have to be nervous about damaging your garage floor. 

The thicker coating does an excellent job of concealing minor imperfections like cracks in the concrete. Epoxy is anti-dusting and a topical sealer. A lot of the dust (powder) in a garage comes from a shedding cement floor. Ordinary traffic on bare concrete creates this dusty powder that tends to collect on tool benches and cars. Not to mention, folks tracking the dust into your home. 

Also, a topical coating is innately moisture resistant. This fact is a great advantage for folks who reside in cold environments. It makes for simple cleaning of road salts and icy brines that amasses on the floor during the wintertime. All it takes to clean an epoxy garage floor is mopping it with water and mild soap. Debris and dust eliminated with just a broom or dust mop. 

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