Epoxy industrial flooring is a resilient solution for several applications such as garages, labs, high traffic areas, medical facilities, and warehouses. Industrial epoxy is sturdy enough to handle the movement and weight of heavy equipment and other demanding environments. Here’s how to clean epoxy floors, extending their lives.


How to Clean Epoxy Floors

Sweep epoxy floors often to get rid of grit and dirt that can scratch or get rooted in the epoxy coating. This fact is vital if equipment or vehicles are on the floor. Getting rid of grit is usually the way to extend the life of your floor. The easiest way to eliminate dirt is with a shop vacuum.


Clean-Up Chemical SpillsHarrisburg Epoxy Flooring clean epoxy floors

You can clean gasoline, antifreeze, oil, and other automotive chemicals with paper towels. It’s critical to clean the chemical spills ASAP. You don’t want to leave chemicals on the epoxy. The chemicals can eat away at the finish. 


Stop Floor Damage 

For epoxy flooring in a warehouse or factory, it’s an excellent idea to add more protection to stop damage to the floor. For instance, use welding mats in spots where welding takes place. Also, heavy loads can be put on plywood to halt damage to the flooring.


Clean Frequently

One of the top cleaning solutions for an epoxy floor is diluted ammonia. Add a few ounces of ammonia to a gallon of hot water—clean using a microfiber mop. Never use any products containing citric acid or vinegar. These products can damage the epoxy.

Vinegar or citrus cleaners can gradually de-gloss the epoxy coating. Besides, you should not use soap-based cleaners that could leave a slight buildup on the epoxy flooring. This film could make the floor slippery when wet. You should clean the epoxy floor twice a month to get rid of accumulations of residue and grease. 

If the floor has stains, like rust spots, scrub the spots using a soft scrub pad or deck brush. Don’t rub too vigorously. Don’t use harsh or abrasive chemicals. Get in touch with us at Harrisburg Epoxy if you need more information about your epoxy floor.