With an epoxy floor, facility managers don’t have to decide between visual appeal and functionality. Epoxy flake flooring works in a vast assortment of industrial, commercial, and institutional settings that to its simple-to-clean surfaces, scratch resistance, and durability. 

These systems are liquids that turn into seamless, solid surfaces. The gaps in panel floors and the grout lines in tile floors where debris loves to gather are no more. With an epoxy flake floor, you can clean your floor effectively.


Advantages of Epoxy Flake Flooring

One of the advantages of having an epoxy flake floor is the beauty it delivers. A concrete floor by itself isn’t appealing. Epoxy flake flooring is one way to bring the functionality and magnificence of your floor. Another good point is an epoxy floor doesn’t cost a fortune. There is an epoxy flake flooring system for every budget.

Liquid floors offer industrial level solutions for facilities that want durability, beauty, and protection from the elements.

Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring epoxy flake flooring

Grey Epoxy flooring with flakes

Epoxy floor systems come in several different colors. One of the more common effects that have developed in the last few years is decorative flake flooring.

Decorative epoxy flakes are multi-colored and combined with resin while still a liquid. This method delivers a distinct look that is available in several different styles and colors. Because the flakes are in the resin, the result is a floor that is safer and sturdier than tile or stone. Tile flooring and stone flooring are unsafe for industrial facilities.

The attraction of using flake flooring is that the finish comes with all the advantages that an epoxy floor provides, such as safety, cleanliness, durability, and chemical resistance. You end up with an attractive and beautiful floor with a fantastic finish. Don’t forget that an epoxy flooring, compared to several other flooring choices, is one of the best costs for any facility type.

Therefore, if you want a reserved and neutral look for your facility, or you desire something that explodes with color, call Harrisburg Epoxy. Our team welcomes the opportunity to help you explore your options in epoxy flake flooring.