Fixing broken concrete could cost a lot of money. It also could be quite time-consuming. Fortunately, if you have a slightly worn out or damaged sidewalk, driveway, or patio, you don’t have to get it re-poured or break it up. So, say hello to concrete resurfacing


Concrete Resurfacing Explained 

Concrete resurfacing gives your indoor and outdoor surfaces a new finish without the trouble of a total replacement. The procedure is simple and saves you plenty of money. 


The Way it Works

You would have to tear up the old surface, taking out all the material, if you were to repair damaged concrete the traditional way. This technique is a massive project that could be very costly. 

With resurfacing, the existing concrete structure serves as the base. The resurfacing product goes right on top of the current concrete area.


Prepping the Area

Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring Concrete Resurfacing

Smoothing the concrete surface

The area to be resurfaced must be clean and debris-free. Next, pressure washing the surface is beneficial in getting rid of loose concrete or any other pieces left behind. 

All cracks should be covered with repair material to make a sleek canvas for the resurfacing product. The, the resurfacing material is poured over the space and evenly applied to form an even and smooth finish. 



Besides saving you money and giving a face-lift to your old patio or driveway, resurfacing is long-lasting.

Concrete Resurfacing delivers an excellent quality that will have your new concrete lasting for years. The products used in this procedure possess high resilience. Therefore, resurfacing enriches the surface quality and is stain and abrasion-resistant. Also, resurfacing lasts longer than the first concrete.


Will Resurfacing Work for Me?

This type of resurfacing works best on a place with little damage. Therefore, if your floors have lots of destruction or big holes, you probably need to repair it before resurfacing it. Because of this, resurfacing can’t resolve structural issues. The cracks will reveal themselves through your new surface if you apply this over major cracks. You will have to be bothered with them all over again. 

If you want more information on this type of resurfacing, reach out to us at Harrisburg Epoxy.