Polished concrete and commercial epoxy flooring are a couple of the most popular solutions to enhancing the performance of a concrete floor. A polished garage floor not only looks good in your commercial property, but polished concrete is long-lasting. Below is information on polished concrete and commercial epoxy.

Advantages of a Polished Garage Floor

A polished garage floor is an affordable and green solution for industrial and commercial flooring. A diamond polishing tool gradually grinds down the surface of the concrete. This densifies and hardens the surface.

Polished concrete possesses several advantages: 

  • Enhances the flatness of the floor Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring Polished Garage Floor
  • Creates a clean, ultra-smooth surface minus the peeling, flaking, or scratching
  • Increases light reflectivity of the floor

Polished concrete delivers a sturdy, fantastic flooring solution. Polished concrete is best for light to medium service floors that aren’t used for food production, wet processing, harsh chemicals, or environmental hazards. 

The concrete polishing procedure evens out the concrete surface, eliminating surface imperfections. 

Advantages of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring is a common choice for abusive industrial and commercial settings. Use epoxy for stain resistance and chemical resistance. A commercial epoxy floor coating is the result of a harder and a resin combining. 

Typical reasons to pick commercial epoxy are:

  • Enriched strength and durability of the concrete
  • Safeguards the floor against moisture and chemical spills 
  • Boost light reflectivity of the floor 
  • Makes a slip-resistant surface
  • Adheres to cement or concrete 
  • Conceals damage to the floor
  • Waterproof flooring solution


If your industrial or commercial property isn’t right for polished concrete, commercial epoxy floors are a better choice. Epoxy flooring doesn’t have the drawbacks that you will get with polished concrete. While there are a more significant job cost for epoxy, commercial epoxy floors better the impact resistance and weight capacity of the concrete. 

Also, it endures extreme conditions in manufacturing facilities, food processing, and medical centers. Once fully cured, an epoxy system is highly resistant to moisture, solvents, alkalis, and acids. This makes it excellent for risky conditions.

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