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Camphill Epoxy Flooring 

If you are looking for Camphill Epoxy Flooring services, the team here at Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring is the team to call. Why are we the right choice?

It comes down to two factors, the first the is the materials we use. If you call most flooring companies and you ask about epoxy flooring what they are really trying to sell you is an epoxy based paint for your floor. While this type of material does have some epoxy in it and has some value when it comes to the durability of your floor, it will still start wearing out fast.  

That is why the team here at Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring uses industrial grade epoxy for our floors, they are stronger and more durable. 

It is what makes them truly last for years to come. So the question most people ask is why doesn’t every flooring company use this type of material? There is a good answer for that. First off these types of epoxies can’t be bought in any hardware store. 

The second reason why most flooring companies don’t use the industrial grade epoxy flooring is the simple fact that these epoxies are not easy to pour and get right. The skills needed to properly pour these types of epoxies take years to develop. That is why the team here at Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring only hires the best possible team members. We only hire employees with years of experience and we make sure that they continue their learning and training while working for us. 

The second reason we are the natural choice for your Camphill epoxy flooring is the fact that we use a total support method when it comes to working with our customers, customers just like you. 

The total support method comes in three phases. 

In Phase one we work with you on material selection and planning this is where we make sure that the material you are considering using is the right choice for you and you will get exactly the look you want. 

The second phase is the specific installation this is another reason experience is so critical to your floor coming out right, no two floors are the same, and you want someone with experience to make sure that the project comes out right. That is why Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring is the team to call.

The final step is the post-installation follow up this is where we follow up with our customer and make sure no issues have come up that need to be dealt with. We want you to know that the work we do is done the right way.

So if you are looking for a flooring company to handle your Camphill Epoxy flooring needs give us a call today. You can use the toll-free number at the top of the page, or you can use the contact form to set up a free consultation. We will make sure your project is taken care of the right way, we are here to help.  

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