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Commercial Epoxy Flooring 

There are many different types of floors we can install, and what type of floor we install depends on what your needs are. Having a Commercial Epoxy Floor installed means you have different needs than a residential Epoxy floor.

When it comes to Commercial Epoxy flooring, there are many things that you need to be aware of. These are facts that any flooring company you are considering hiring should be aware of as well and if they are not you should reconsider hiring another flooring company.

First off is the environment Usually when it comes to commercial Epoxy flooring you need to be aware that these floors will face a lot more environmental factors. An epoxy floor that would work fine in your home will most likely start to break do fast in a commercial environment.

Another factor that we are aware of and that won’t affect you personally is the fact that commercial epoxy flooring covers a lot of different areas. It can cover everything from restaurant floors to warehouse floors. Each one of these commercial flooring projects would require a different type of epoxy flooring. 

Because of our years of experience and the different types of floors, we have installed we are well aware of the different factors that go into picking the right floor for your commercial product. 

Quick Drying Commercial epoxy Floor installation is done right.

When it comes to putting in a new floor to commercial space to replacing or repairing an existing floor one thing that is true is that you will need two things. 

1. You will need a floor that is done the right way, and you will need that floor to be poured quickly, and 

2. you will need to be able to have foot traffic back on the floor fast! 

With a commercial epoxy floor installation or repair, time is money a bad, damaged or needed to be replaced floor is more than just an inconvenience.

Your floor is the base of your entire business…literality! You can’t have your floor be out of commission for long periods of time. You need the floor to dry quickly so you can get your business back to work. 

At the same time, you need your commercial epoxy flooring to withstand the rigors of your day to day business life.

That is why the team here at Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring is the right choice. We specialize in commercial flooring. We will make sure your flooring job is done the right way, and we will get you back to business fast.

If you need Epoxy flooring for your business no matter what type of business you have, we are here to help.  

Some of the common type of Commercial Epoxy Flooring jobs we handle. 

1. Automotive showroom flooring – When you are trying to sell a new car everything matters from the water you serve to the look of your floor, your floor needs to be artistic and yet durable (after all cars are driving on and off it every day!)  we can provide the right type of flooring for your Automotive showroom flooring click here to learn more  

2. Medical facilities flooring  – if you work in the medical facilities space you know that there are many different factors involved, you need a floor that is hyper-durable and easy to not only keep clean but keep disinfected. If you need Medical facilities flooring installed, we can help click here to learn more

3. Restaurant flooring – a restaurant is more than a business, it is a labor of love, as the owner everything from the menu to the sinks in the bathroom matter. Your floor is no exception. If you need professional restaurant flooring installed click here to learn more about our services. 

4. School flooring – a school floor is one of the most well-trafficked areas in the US! Every day hundreds if not thousands of students walk thousands of steps on each inch of a school floors surface. A School flooring project needs to be very tough and very affordable. We can help. To learn more about our school flooring click here. 

5. Warehouse flooring – A warehouse flooring job is not only usually big it has to be very sturdy. Workers, forklifts, and tons of merchandise across a warehouse floor every day. We know what is required to do a warehouse flooring project the right way. Click here to learn more

These are just a few of the different types of Commercial Epoxy flooring projects we have handled in the past. 

If you need Commercial Epoxy Flooring of any kind give us a call or fill out our contact form we are here to help.

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