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Epoxy Garage floor 

The days of garages just being where to either parked your car or stored your junk is long gone. Modern garages can be everything from workout areas to lounges to luxurious “man caves.”

No matter what you want to use your garage for, you can still improve the look and overall function of your garage by adding an Epoxy floor.

When it comes to floor coatings that have the durability to be used in a garage and still last for years while still giving that same garage a one of a kind look nothing beats an epoxy floor coating.  

If you are considering changing the look and functionality of your garage we are here to help. 

Allow us to show you why Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring is the right choice for your Epoxy Garage Floor.

It starts with our total support style of customer service. This is broken down into three parts. 

The first part comes when we help and advise you with the material selection we will make sure that you know the pros and cons of every flooring option and then we will help you make the right choice for your garage epoxy floor. 

The next step is the specific installation – this connects directly to our experience and expertise. No two-floor installations are the same. The reality is every project is unique, and we will make sure that your flooring needs are taken care of the right way. We will give you exactly the epoxy garage floor you want.

The final step is the post-installation follow up this is where we make sure that you are one hundred percent happy with the results. This is the part of the job we enjoy the most. We are thrilled to see people getting the use out of our epoxy garage floors.

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When it comes to epoxy floors, you need to know the type of materials the company you are hiring is working with.

All too often when other flooring companies are trying to sell you an “epoxy floor” what they are really offering is paint with some epoxy in it. This type of paint is available in any hardware store. It does have some durability to it, but it will get damaged quickly.

That is why at Harrisburg Epoxy Flooring we use Industrial grade epoxy. This material is not available to the general public and is a lot more difficult to use. However, it is also one of the most durable materials you can have installed.

If you are looking to improve your garage give us a call, we will make sure that your garage floor is done the right way.

Give us a call right now to set up a free consultation. Or you can use the contact form here on this page. No matter what you are going to use your garage for we can make sure that your epoxy garage floor lasts for years to come.  

Give us a call right we are here to help. 

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